Seven women stand in a semi-circle around a moose hide stretched over a wooden frame. They are outside, and behind them is grass and a cement walkway. Some are scraping the hide, others are just watching. They are all looking at the camera and smiling in the sunlight.

Adult Education for Social Change

We’re a movement of adult educators and community organizers who are working towards decolonization and radical social change across Turtle Island

Our Heart-Centred Network

Righting Relations is a growing, national network that strives to support and build capacity amongst adult educators and community organizers to provide space and resources for them to connect, reflect on, and organize for heart-led social change.

An Oath to Turtle Island

In recognition of the importance of acknowledging that we gather on stolen land, Righting Relations has collaboratively developed an Oath to Turtle Island that outlines our commitment to this land and the peoples who have been its caretakers and defenders for generations.

Seven women sit in a row that curves towards the camera at the right side of the image. They are looking off camera to the left and smiling. They are indoors, in a conference room with a flip-chart in the background. Some of the women have their hands raised, or are in the act of raising their hands.
A Righting Relations network event