Two Black women are seated at a table, with a piece of flip-chart paper in front of them, both looking off-camera to the left. The woman on the right looks like she’s speaking; she’s wearing a blue denim jacket, yellow earrings, and her hair is pulled back. She’s gesturing as she speaks. The woman on the right is writing on the flip-chart paper; she’s wearing a grey cardigan over a yellow top. Her short red hair is swept to the side and she is wearing glasses.

Take Part

Interested in joining Righting Relations? Prospective members can start by signing up for our national mailing list, attending events, and connecting with their closest Hub or Circle.

Our Regional Hubs

All of the work of Righting Relations is driven by our members through our autonomous Regional Hubs and their local Circles. You can get involved, or find out more about the approach, activities, and impact of each Hub and Circle by visiting their section and contacting the Coordinator.

Photo of a large piece of white poster paper spread out on the floor. Three people are kneeling to paint on the paper, their upper bodies not visible. In colourful paint, messages have been written along with designs of a turtle, the medicine wheel, and abstract designs. Messages include “Indigenous excellence; Your wisdom can heal the world; You are not forgotten; Water is Life; All my relations”.
Four women stand with their arms around each others’ backs, facing the camera. They’re indoors, with a painted green and brick wall behind them. Each woman is wearing a name badge and smiling.

How the Hubs Work

Righting Relations has built a network organized into regional hubs and local circles that are actively working together to influence change. Each Hub works closely with a local anchor organization, and receives guidance, leadership, and operational support from a Regional Advisory Council of active circle members from across that Hub.

At the local levels, meeting in circle format, our members work to facilitate change in their communities. At this level, it is about coming together to support each other, challenge ourselves, and strengthen our communities. This is the active work of Righting Relations which keeps us strong.

The Change Labs

Launched in 2022, this WAGE-funded project seeks to facilitate cross-national support and collaboration by creating six Change Labs where educators and organizers with lived experiences can connect. These Change Labs will identify needs and barriers within key focus areas, and work to develop tools, resources, and trainings that will support the educators and organizers working for radical social change in those fields:

  • 2SLGBTQ+ (Gender and Sexuality)
  • Advancing the Calls to Justice - Gender-Based Violence
  • Anti-Ableism and Accessibility
  • Strengthening Black Women’s Leadership and Connection
  • Strengthening Indigenous Women’s Leadership and Connection
  • Strengthening Men’s Leadership and Connection

Contact Us to learn more or participate in a Righting Relations Change Lab.

Photo of a small group of people gathered around a piece of flip-chart paper spread out on a table. Only their arms are visible as they write and draw on the paper. Markers rest next to large bubble letters that say “dreams”. Beneath this, text reads, “eradication of settler-colonialism”.