A large group of Black, Brown, white, and Indigenous women stand close together in a circle, smiling as their arms reach into the centre. Some are looking at the camera, others are taking pictures with their own phones.

Our Partners & Supporters

Righting Relations exists because of the commitment and support of a network of incredible organizations and funders across Canada, and we’re always open to growing and connecting with new collaborators.

Thank You

Righting Relations is the result of the support of so many people and organizations. Your generosity, time, passion, and love have built a network and inspired a movement.

Righting Relations is truly an example of making the road by walking together. We are forever grateful to have connected with each of you.

Two Indigenous women stand outside with a teepee in the background to their right. The woman on the right is wearing a baseball cap, beaded earrings, scarves, and a black plaid jacket. Her dark brown hair is in two braids, and her arm is around the woman next to her. The woman on the left is wearing a green fur jacket and long beaded earrings. Her grey hair is pulled back, with sunglasses on her head.
Logo: Catherine Donnelly Foundation

Founding Partner: Catherine Donnelly Foundation

Righting Relations’ core funding is provided by the Catherine Donnelly Foundation whose mission is to support projects and programs that promote social and ecological justice while engaging those who have been most marginalized in the areas of environment, housing, and adult education.

Righting Relations was founded after a series of convenings the Foundation hosted in 2014 with adult educators to discuss what was needed to address the most critical and complex issues in society.

"Being part of this group has been my lifesaver. The funding and support we've received has allowed us to be who we are and not have to cow tail or follow all kinds of regulations, and that's reconciliation - do it our way and still come up with the outcomes."

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Cathy Martin, Apaji-wla’matulinej Member and Chair of the Women of First Light

Our Project Funders

So much of the work Righting Relations has done was made possible by our project funders. We are honoured to have received the support of the following foundations, granting bodies, and organizations.

Support Righting Relations

If you’d like to collaborate with Righting Relations, or if you would like to know more about how you or your organization can support our work, we’d love to hear from you!