A Black and an Indigenous woman are seated on the edge of a wooden dock, with their legs in the water. They are looking over their shoulders towards the camera and smiling, with water and trees behind them. On the right, the Indigenous woman is reaching out to show the camera a piece of a root. On the dock next to them are more pieces of washed roots.
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Western Canada Regional Hub

Learn more about the Righting Relations community in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and their work facilitating radical social change.

About Our Hub

The West Hub of Righting Relations is grounded in the notion of “hearts wide open” and the teachings of the strawberry plant as shared by members of our Grandmothers Council. We are the power of the Circle: a gentle, never-ending connection to past and into future power that slowly reaches for new partners, new works, and new members.

A black and white photograph of a group of people in a tableau pose. Two women embrace a third who is looking off camera to the left, while two other women kneel next to them, facing the opposite directions, one with her hand in the air. In the background is a man with his hand also in the air. Another woman stands on the left edge of the image, looking at the group in tableau.

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A group of people seated outdoors on benches and tables

“What sticks out is that I always believed that groups could work like this, I had tastes of it, but this is such a diverse group and seeing the dynamics and seeing it work is exciting. I’m part of it - finding a group like this is so exciting.”

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Sue Deranger, West Hub Member

Our Hub’s History

The Western Hub was launched in 2016 with a gathering in Wabamun Lake, AB, and grew through intentional interactions with the earth/land, plants, animals, and each other. At this first gathering, three Circles were formed in Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg. Since then, many outings and circles were created with good-hearted people coming together to discuss issues and share challenges, strength, art, and celebrations of their communities and their lives.

By respecting and valuing diverse discussions and being open to dissention, we continue to grow and learn. These processes of decolonization, the priority of relationship-building, and the organic nature of spirit-led developments fuel a multitude of beautiful projects.

Two women looking at each other and laughing; they are both seated and turned slightly towards each other. The woman on the left wears a white hoodie with a feather graphic; she has short hair and glasses. The woman on the right wears a black hoodie with a logo; her hair is shoulder-length and curly.
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Meet Renee, The Western Hub Coordinator

Renée originates from Wildwood Alberta and is a 5th generation Canadian of Ukrainian and French descent. She is the Executive Director of the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Right, President of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee, and is the founder and Treasurer of Ainembabazi Children’s Project . Since 2015, Renée also serves as a Director for Women in International Security Canada, a professional network of women in the peace and security field.

Let’s Connect

If you are interested in getting involved with Righting Relations and you’re located in or near our West Hub, we’d love to hear from you! Join our National Mailing List, attend an upcoming event, or contact your nearest Circle Coordinator to find out more. If there isn’t a circle near you, please connect with the West Hub Coordinator, Renée Vaugeois.