Photograph of four women seated on wood-framed couches and armchairs, with a sunny window behind them. The woman in the foreground is sitting in profile, gesturing and speaking off camera to the left, while the three women next to her look on.

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We’re always looking to connect with new collaborators and supporters! If you think your organization or foundation is a good fit with Righting Relations, we’d love to hear from you.

How to Collaborate with Righting Relations

Righting Relations is open to collaborating on events, projects, and grant opportunities that relate to our mission and our three pillars. If you have an idea and you’d like Righting Relations to be involved, please connect with the Hub or Circle Coordinator closest to you, or reach out to our National Coordinator for more information.

A photograph of a graphic recording in process. Large yellow and black words read “community mapping”, and beneath them, words like “Our Timeline”, “My Role”, “Type of Organization”, and “Step In” are accompanied with small graphics. In the bottom left, a woman’s arm can be seen adding to the drawing.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the healing we have to do in our community and with others - where’s the place where we can have these difficult conversations? This group allows us to go through the emotions and unpack some of the structures.”

RR Pattern 1a

Sherry Pictou, Apaji-wla’matulinej Member

An abstract design with bright yellow, red, and orange shapes against a pale peach background.

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Righting Relations has built a network organized into regional hubs and local circles that are actively working together to influence change. Each Hub works closely with a local anchor organization, and receives guidance, leadership, and operational support from a Regional Advisory Council of active circle members from across that Hub. The Hubs support the work of local Circles as they strive to facilitate change in their communities.