Sixteen women stand in a line in front of a teepee made of white fabric over a wooden frame. They are turned to the left and smiling towards the camera. Many have their hands resting on the shoulders of the woman in front of them, and in front of them some shoes and purses are scattered on the grass. Behind them is a multi-story red brick building and a bright grey sky.

Who We Are

Righting Relations strives to support and build capacity amongst adult educators and community organizers, to provide space and resources for them to connect, reflect on, and organize for heart-led social change.

Our Values

Righting Relations is committed to uprooting systems of oppression in all forms, within ourselves, within our networks, and within our society.

We strive for balance within our lives, families, communities and nations. We aim to work from a heart-centred place while honouring all our relations. We work to manifest harmony and respect for all life.

A Black man and an Indigenous woman stand next to each other, arms around each others’ back, with their other arms raised in the air. Their hands are clenched into fists as they smile at the camera. They are indoors, and behind them are windows looking out into the night, with flip-chart paper taped up in places.

Our Mission

Righting Relations envisions a connected and collaborative society built on people’s engagement in upholding values of respect, freedom, dignity, inclusion, equity and justice for all life.

Our ultimate goal is that communities are vibrant and healthy, and engaged in the heart-led and decolonizing movement of righting relations for a more radically just and inclusive society in Canada.

Two women stand at mid-distance from the camera, one on each side of a hide draped over a wooden frame. One side of the frame is resting in the crook of the trunk of a large tree on the right side of the image. The leaves of the tree are yellow, and in the background are more trees with bright yellow and orange leaves. The women are turned partially away from the camera as they scrap the hide. Behind them is a silver car.
A group photo indoors

Our Story

Righting Relations was established in 2015 by the Catherine Donnelly Foundation in response to a demonstrated need for improved supports, resources, and opportunities for capacity building by educators and organizers for social change. Our work centres around Indigenous, immigrant and refugee, and low-income populations - and all of the diversity that these groups encompass - and centering lived experiences to guide and define systemic transformation is key to our mandate.

Over the past five years, we built three key hubs across the country to create regional networks and localized connections that work together to influence change, and in 2020, the network formalized as an autonomous organization, Righting Relations Canada.

Reports & Resources

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An abstract design with bright yellow, red, and orange shapes against a pale peach background.

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A photograph of 10 people standing against a wall with a bright mural painted on it. In the back row, either people stand facing the camera, smiling, some with their arms around each others shoulders. In the front row a white man in a baseball cap kneels next to a white woman in a wheelchair. The mural behind them depicts bright yellow buildings against a colourful rainbow.

Accessibility Statement

Righting Relations Canada strives to be an organization that is open, accessible and inclusive of all while providing space for education, learning and dignity. We commit to fostering inclusion and leadership of people with disabilities, as well as people of diverse gender and racial identities, into our operations at all levels. Read our full Accessibility Statement here.