Building Utopia: A Gender and Sexually Expansive Zine

A sage green background with branches and leaves on the left and right border, and an illustration of a magpie in the bottom left corner. In the centre, text reads "Building Utopia". Beneath this are the logos for Righting Relations and the John Humphrey Centre

The Righting Relations Gender and Sexually Expansive Change Lab is excited to share with you a new multi-media zine focused on centering, amplifying, and celebrating gender and sexually expansive (or 2STQLGBIA+) voices. Building Utopia captures “our reflections, thoughts, and questions” following a series of virtual intergenerational knowledge-sharing workshops and an in-person retreat in December 2022.

We dedicate this zine, Building Utopia, to Love and the Lands on which we are all beyond so blest to call Home. May this literary journey nourish you and, during these uncertain times, remind you that we are out there, that you are not alone and that if you can dream it, we’re your Construction Crew™.

This work was supported by funding from the Catherine Donnelly Foundation and Women and Gender Equality Canada, and developed in partnership with the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights.

This document is currently available as a PDF only. We have worked to ensure that the PDF is screen reader compatible but if you encounter issues, please let us know at