Agenda 2030: Edmonton Food Security Report

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The 2030 Agenda focuses on building capacity, education and action across the Prairie provinces in order to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the grassroots up. It is an effort to foster connections between individuals, initiatives, agencies and networks doing food security, anti-poverty, anti-racism and gender equity work across the Prairies. Throughout November 2021 – February 2022, the West Hub of Righting Relations (constituted by partner agencies and individuals from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) brought together teams of agencies and individuals who have been working to support the food security needs of vulnerable members in each of the three provinces. Participants came together to reflect on their learnings and identify strategies to strengthen food
security. In Edmonton, a number of these partners had worked together over the past two years to respond to food needs throughout the pandemic as part of the Edmonton COVID19 Rapid Response Collaborative.

The following report articulates the priorities that these hands-on agencies feel are important for Edmonton to
consider as we move forward beyond the pandemic and into what all feel are even more challenging times. Our approach is to use the participants’ language and narrative as much as possible while translating the larger trends and ideas.
This report provides insight into practical strategies and solutions that need to be at the center of efforts to strengthen food sovereignty, respond to climate change and achieve the SDGs.

The West Hub of Righting Relations is facilitated by the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights, a nonprofit
charitable organization based out of Edmonton (Alberta) that works to advance dignity, freedom, justice, and security
through collaborative relationships and transformative education on peace and human rights. Righting Relations Canada
(RRC) is a heart-centred, national network of adult educators, community organizers and Indigenous Peoples of the world working for radical social change through decolonization and popular education to bring about a just society in Canada.