MMIWG Colouring Book

Image shows an illustration of an Indigenous woman in a Peaked Cap set against a multicoloured background. Text reads "wapna'kikewi'skwaq: Women of First Light Colouring Book"

In 2021, Women of the First Light and Apaji-wla’matulinej (Righting Relations East Hub) gathered family members of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women to learn how to make Peaked Hats to honour their loved ones. This process lead to the creation of  a colouring book to inspire learning and reflection. In five communities, we’re also working on commemorative pieces designed by the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

From our hearts, we say Wela’liek to the family members who have shared this journey with us. It is an honour to be a part of this healing journey.

Please note that this resource is only available as a PDF download, which may not be fully accessible to everyone.