Stepping Out of the Box and Into the Circle

A background of yellow, orange, and peach abstract shapes. A picture of three women having a conversation is set in a circular frame to the right. To the left, text reads 'Stepping out of the Box and into the Circle".

This is a recorded conversation by Righting Relations members about their learnings challenges in entering into Circle process. The Circle is a sacred space allowing us to enter into shared learning, compassion and humanity. Holding the circle, however, can be challenging. In this session, we hosted a talking circle on the talking circle!

This was a space for each member to share their vision of the circle and their learnings and memory of circle with each other. The beauty of the circle is that it creates a container for our collective experience and wisdom; by sharing our authentic self and experience with the circle, we strengthen our collective capacity while deepening our understanding of the energy needed to hold a circle with compassion.

This video is available with auto-generated captions, which may not always be accurate.