Grounding Session with Maria Montejo

The Hamilton Circle is hosting a grounding session with Maria Montejo

A photo of an Indigenous woman with black hair and glasses wearing a scarf with a red, white, blue, and cyan zig-zag pattern. Text reads "Hamilton Circle grounding session with Maria Montejo"

Righting Relations Hamilton is excited to host a grounding session facilitated by Maria Montejo this Friday, June 30 2023.

This grounding session will provide participants with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the unique Indigenous worldview that underpins Indigenous peoples’ way of life and how this differs from the mainstream western process of learning and being in the world. This session is intended to provide participants with a foundational understanding of the values, attitudes, and beliefs that underpins Indigenous peoples’ way of life and gives birth to highly evolved creative holistic spiritually resilient nations who are deeply connected and committed to the well-being of all our relations.

Participants will be given an opportunity through interactive activities to understand an Indigenous elemental approach to change, creativity and relationship-buildings. Participants will be invited to consider themselves as holistic beings interconnected with all of creation and will learn how to reconnect to their wholeness using the four elements – fire, air, water and earth.

Maria is Deer Clan and member of the Mam Jakaltec/Popti (Mayan) community of Indigenous people who reside in the Xajla territory of Guatemala. Over twenty-five years ago, Maria and her family came to Canada as refugees and settled in Toronto. Maria holds a BA in History, Women Studies and Indigenous Studies from McMaster University, as well as a Social Work Diploma from First Nations Technical Institute. In addition to her formal schooling, Maria has been mentored from a young age by various Elders, Medicine people and Traditional Teachers on Turtle Island and from Central and South America. Maria has had the privilege of participating in various ceremonies and traditional cultural practices that have fueled her passion to develop programming that will bridge the Newtonian/Allopathic model of wellness and Indigenous/multidimensional approach. Maria is currently the manager of Dodem Kanonhsa’s Aboriginal Cultural Facility in Toronto.