Stories of Survivors of GBV

Event announcement

A stylized collage of faces colourized in yellow and orange tones is at the centre, with a border of abstract shapes in green, orange, and peach. A banner over the collage reads "Stories of Survivors of Gender-Based Violence".

Righting Relations Canada is excited to announce the upcoming event, Stories of Survivors of Gender-Based Violence, on February 21st 2023, 7-8.30 EST. This event will launch our gender-based violence change lab, by holding a circle to reflect on the question “what is gender-based violence”?

This circle will be a space for us to reflect on the different ways that gender-based violence manifests in our communities. We aim to look beyond the normative definitions of GBV that centre the stories of white, able-bodied, cis women, to expand our understanding to acknowledge intersections with white supremacy, transphobia and cisnormativity, colonialism, ableism, and other systems of oppression. You will also be able to ask questions to help you decide whether or not to tell your story, or perhaps join the change lab and help us gather stories in a good way.

Read the full description in both French and English in our info leaflet here!

About the GBV Change Lab Project

What ?/ Righting Relations is forming a change lab on GBV: a space to amplify the voices of those that have experienced gender-based violence, and offer others support, validation, or
even a way out. We seek to find solutions through stories: our individual stories, and the traditional stories of our cultures.

How ?/ Stories carry teachings: we invite you to share your stories with us, any story that offers insight into ending and healing from gender-based violence. Your story may be written, read, filmed, recorded, or captured through art, music, or poetry: shared in any way that you can imagine. It may be a traditional story, a fictionalized story, a personal story, a sung story, a folk story, etc.

Where ?/ Once the first stories have been collected, we will share our learnings openly on a website. We hope to use this site to create a virtual space for healing, and to amplify stories, issues, and teachings to those who have no voice or who feel erased and forgotten.

We welcome folks from across Turtle Island to participate in this project in two ways:

  1. You can share your stories with us. We will work with you to capture your story and the teachings it may hold in a way that suits you and that respects your privacy and agency.
  2. You can also help us collect these stories and share their teachings.

For information or to register for the event, visit our Eventbrite page or contact Karine Jehelmann at