Hearts Wide Open: The Process of Building Righting Relations’ West Hub

A background of abstract red, white, and peach shapes. A red heart icon in the centre with the West Hub Icon covering the lower left part. Text above and below the heart reads "Hearts Wide Open: The Process of Building Righting Relations' West Hub"

This toolkit, developed by the Righting Relations West Hub, summarizes and presents the learnings and processes used in building the Righting Relations network in Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg.

While each of these cities adapted the activities to address their particular needs, they all used a folk school model, a decolonial lens, and circle facilitation. They also were all women-led and heart-led. This toolkit is for community organizers and educators, facilitators, and advocates. It outlines each of these four key models, along with stories, activity formats, and example workplans.

Please note that this toolkit is only available online as a PDF download, which may not be accessible to everyone. If you are unable to read this download, please contact us at info@rightingrelations.org.